Reliquary Issue 2


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From Scourge Books

The Blacker-Than-The-Black-Death zine is back!

Full Metal RPG is in possession of the last remaining print copies of Issue 2 in circulation. These hand numbered zines have incredibly low numbers on them for the discerning collector! The adventures below for your OSR game hail from the mind of one of horror gaming’s great undiscovered talents. Get this underground shit before he blows up and everyone is talking about him. LET EVERYONE KNOW YOU WERE IN ON IT WAY BACK WHEN.

In this third-eye-splitting, gut-wrenching issue:

From the Dark Past – “Many miles lead toward a tribe of primordials with a passion for violence.”

Liberation Caps – “A fungus with the ability to reward or punish those willing to take a chance at enlightenment.”

The Hungry End – “A gluttonous beast poses as a child amongst villagers that protect him with their lives.”


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