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BONUS EPISODE – Christoffer Sevaldsen – Black Void


This time we have Christoffer Sevaldsen in all the way from Dubai to talk about the creation of his new game Black Void, now on Kickstarter! This game is very different from a lot of the other stuff that is being kicked right now, so I think that you cultists will really want to hear about it.

Patron Richard hits Christoffer up with a question as well.

Link to the Black Void Kickstarter below:…rm=Black%20Void


Full Metal RPG – Episode 26 – Lamentations of the Heather Girlfriend

POST CAFFEINE REHAB Brendan digs into topics with Full Metal Ben, the Warlord Amanda and his sponsor, Dr. Drew. Lotta rambling diatribes in this episode, but eventually Brendan does manage to get around to talking about his Lamentations of the Flame Princess game. Heather comes on the show and off the air does a mic drop, puts both hands up in the air and proclaims “I DID AWESOME!” Brendan shakes his head a lot and tries to remember the days when doing a podcast about roleplaying games with all of his friends sounded like a GOOD idea. Are you still reading this? For chirstsake, listen to the show!