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Episode 087 – Politics in RPGs part 1 of 6 – Introductions

In this episode or FMRPG we get down and dirty on the thing you are not supposed to talk about in gaming: POLITICS! RPGs have become incredibly political in recent years. But were they before? Has coded language hidden political thoughts in RPGs since their genesis? And what does it mean that the conversation has changed so radically in recent years?

We have a lot to unpack here, and more. This is part 1 of 6 so we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and getting into through-out 2020. JOIN US! Comment! Share!

What we’re up to: 

– Mork Borg

– Vampire: The Dark Ages

– Pathfinder 1st E, Emerald Spire

– Altered Carbon RPG, Live Stream web-cast:

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Episode 086 – Pathfinder 1st E Deep Dive

In this episode Brendan is joined by William B. to talk about all things Pathfinder! We got a ton of Pathfinder 1st E talk and it’s natural progenitor D&D 3.0/3.5 talk! We have campaigns and revelations! This is a long one, but a fun one. New shit and trips down memory lane. Check it!

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Bonus Episode 036 – Kimi from Golden Lasso Games

Ashley chats with Kimi about her gaming background, Golden Lasso Games and Happy Jacks RPG Network, and her current Kickstarter for Decuma.

Decuma Kickstarter:

Golden Lasso Games:

Happy Jacks RPG Network: or wherever you get your podcasts

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Episode 079 – The Crew Welcomes Ashley from Mammary Alpha, Ravenous DD3

Adam, Brendan, and Richie welcome Ashley from Mammary Alpha Podcast.

In this episode:

– Gaslands Refueled!
– D&D Decent to Avernus!
– Ashley’s gaming schedule!
– Answers to patron Wolf Mungus’s most burning Questions!
– RBK eats crow.
– Ravenous Design Diary 3!
– Tiny Frontiers review by Ashley!

Sponsored by Exalted Funeral

Recorded at the Arizona Game Fair Warehouse

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BONUS EPISODE 024 – Matt Orr – Wet Ink Games, Tenebria, Never Going Home

In this BONUS EPISODE the notorious RBK interviews Michael Orr of Wet Ink Games about their latest Kickstarter: Tenebria! Check out the interview now, and follow the link below to check out the KS! If you slept on Never Going Home, now is the time to make up for it.…y&term=tenebria

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Episode 074 – Darker Days Radio Host Invasion with Mike and Chris!

One good turn deserves another! It’s been a year and this time Mike and Chris join Brendan, Adam and Richard for an episode of Full Metal RPG.

A lot of things get discussed, including:
– D&D5
– City of Mists
– Macross II
– Vampire the Masquerade
– Controversies

Check it cultists!

Here’s a link to there show:


if you wanna play games with Chris in Manchester at Fan Boy 3:


The Darker Days Radio Discord!

Acquisitions Incorporated Review for D&D 5th

First let me confess that at one point I watched a good deal of the live show this material is based on.  But with the departure of Chis Perkins who really was a great comic straight man and DM I have lost interest in the series. So I was sort of the audience for this book like a year or 2 ago.  But with the growth of D&D and most of the new players exposure coming from show like Acquisitions Incorporated this book seems like a no brainer for Wizards of the Coast.

So the concept of Acquisitions Incorporated is Adventuring group as Corporation with a Comic twist.  Think The Office with swords. While the concept of adventuring group as a guild or company or guild is older than D&D.  I think this concept has potential for a solid campaign setting.

This book contains a campaign to take characters from level 1 to 6 based on the idea that the players are starting a new Franchise of Acquisitions Incorporated with the characters gaining a level each chapter instead of the carrot on a stick XP. Which I like and it makes sure that the campaign moves at a decent clip. The adventures are pretty good but mostly standard fair find the pieces of an Artifact that is can destroy the world before someone that wants to use it for evil.  I think what separates this from just your run of the mill Fantasy game is the downtime activities to help you build your franchise, live in the town, or investigate the mystery.

There is a section to help you build characters for this game and these are a new path for a City Barbarian, character backgrounds, race, and spells. The City barbarian is interesting as a kind of mob enforcer and the Spells have a new component type where every time you cast it  the original creator gets a gold.

Humor elements and the characters of the show are woven into the DNA of this book but is not as intrusive as you would think. This book is dense new people that pick this up expecting to be laughing as much as watching the show will probably be disappointed as this book is good fan service but lacks what makes the show any good the people that bring it to life and fails to transcend to something more.