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BONUS EPISODE – Zak Smith – Demon City, LotFP

Whaddup cultists!

Brendan and Adam are back from Gen Con roused from slumber by a guest that they met at the Lamentations of the Flame Princess booth, Zak Smith aka Zak Sabbath! We’ve wanted to have Zak on the show for a very long time, so this was the culmination of a big goal for us.

Zak joins us to talk:
Demon City
Horror Gaming
Game Design
Gen Con 2018
The Future

Check out his next level Kickstarter below:…g?ref=user_menu

Also check out our webpage with all our back episodes:

And our good buddies at Darker Days Radio!

See you out there cultists!

Episode 53 – Crit Hit 3 – Chris Kohler, the Warlord Amanda, Wild in the Streets

Well ladies and gentlemen, as this post is going up, it’s the final hours of the 15th, but the 15th none the less. Crit Hit 3 is all wrapped up and on the books. It was a crazy weekend and a lot of work. But we met a lot of great people, picked up a ton of games, and made a whole host of new friends. We busted our asses, and still managed to get this podcast out…barely.

In this episode we discuss:
Crit Hit 3
Dr. Horrible Boardgame
Conversation with the Warlord Amanda
Wild in the Streets

We hope you’ll check this episode out as well as the contacts below:….%20horrible%20

Check it!

BONUS EPISODE – Dani Ross and Susi Stuart of Mammary Alpha

Whaddup everybody?! Dropping in real quick with a BONUS EPISODE for you all.

This evening I am joined by Dani Ross and Susi Stuart, two members of the cast of the all-female Actual Play Mammary Alpha!

In this Episode we talk:
Star Trek
Which Star Trek is Best
and even…

You can find Mammary Alpha and engage with their content here:

Make it so!

And make sure to take a listen to Mammary Alpha!

Bonus Episode: Alan Bahr – Gallant Knight Games, Cold Shadows, Tiny d6, Zorro, WEG

In this BONUS EPISODE we talk with game designer Alan Bahr about:

– Gallant Knight Games
– Cold Shadows
– Game Design
– For Coin and Blood
– Tiny Dungeons
– Tiny Frontiers
– Tiny Wastelands
– Zorro roleplaying
– Pendragon
– and much, much more! CHECK IT!

Get in touch with Alan below:
Pendragon Guide:…on-rpg-book-guide/
Drive Thru RPG:…t=&pfrom=&pto=

Check out Full Metal RPG!
Insta: @fullmetalrpg

Tempus Tenebrarum FMRPG Guest Appearance!

Cvultists! Is there not enough FMRPG in your life? Do you find yourself in the fetal position on your bathroom floor, begging for one more sweet taste? Fear not! We have you covered!

Brendan and Adam were graciously welcomed into the coterie by Peter and Jake on a live episode of  Tempus Tenebrarum, a audio cast dedicated to World of Darkness roleplaying. Your favorite shovelheads discussed a topic near and dear to our withered undead hearts: Infernalism in the World of Darkness! So strap on your leather jackets, praise Caine, and watch out for the Sabbat Inquisition because we are digging into the demonic depths to discern what degrading devilry awaits.

The recording is up now on YouTube, so get after it if the topic at all intrigues you, and a big FMRPG shout out to Peter and Jake for having us on!  We had a blast of searing hell fire. Thank you always for reading/listening and being part of the pack!