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FMRPG An Evening with Ben Mandall

The End of Season One is Nigh Fellow Travelers! The blitz comes to a close with the last of FMRPG’s stockpiled episodes. Brendan and Ben reach back into the mists of January to interview Iron GM extraordinaire Ben Mandall about his thoughts on the social contract as it applies to sitting down at the table. There are a lot of conflicting viewpoints in this episode, and Brendan sighs MORE THAN EVER!


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FMRPG Valentines Day!

In which Ben and Brendan are joined by the expert panel of The Warlord Amanda and The Mysterious Jeff to talk about relationships at the table and their various permutations. They talk games. They talk love and loss. There is some Real Talk dammit. You get the picture. Ben thinks this will be the most controversial episode yet. Check it out for yourself, let us know.

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