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Episode 078 – BC and RBK Hold Court, Ravenous Design Diary 2

Richard and Brendan hold court and talk about roleplaying games!

We talk about all sorts of stuff!

– Tiny Supers
– the Gauntlet: Codex 1
– Fear Itself
– The Tingleverse RPG
– The Carcass: Exodus
– Bloodwraith
– Ravenous Design Diary 2

No Adam this time, maybe next time!

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Episode 076 – Monster Of The Week, Cyberpunk Red, Ravenous DD1, Gen Con Recap

And we’re back! Brendan, Adam and Richie Buzzkill are brining it to ya with hot takes and call outs!

In this episode we discuss:
– Monster of the Week, gameplay, GMing and Review
– Cyberpunk: Red Jumpstart
– Ravenous Design Diary 1
– Gen Con 2019 
– Gen Con haul

Don’t miss the part where Brendan calls Adam out! DRAMA!

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Episode 074 – Darker Days Radio Host Invasion with Mike and Chris!

One good turn deserves another! It’s been a year and this time Mike and Chris join Brendan, Adam and Richard for an episode of Full Metal RPG.

A lot of things get discussed, including:
– D&D5
– City of Mists
– Macross II
– Vampire the Masquerade
– Controversies

Check it cultists!

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Episode 073 – In Which We Fail To Review D&D Books

Well cultists, we set out to review not one, but two new Dungeons and Dragons books in this episode. But then we had technical failures and the reviews were lost! We promise that they remain forthcoming.

In the meantime, we got:
– Trail of Cthulhu
– West End Star Wars 30th Anniversay
– Mutant Crawl Classics
– Free RPG Day
– Phoenix Fan Fusion
– Happy Time Dungeon Hour
– All that shit plus more!

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Check it!

Bonus Episode 023 – Mattiaz Fredriksson – Red Moon Roleplaying

Hot damn! It’s been a minute since we served you a piping hot BONUS EPISODE! Today we have none other than the long suffering Mattiaz Fredriksson of Red Moon Roleplaying. He’s back for his second interview, but this is the first time you will hear it!

Today we talk about:
– Red Moon Roleplaying
– Actual Play Podcasts
– Recording, Editing and Sound Effects
– Horror Roleplaying
– Kult Divinity Lost

Check it cultists, and make sure to check out Red Moon Roleplaying and their line-up of great Actual Plays!

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Episode 072 – (Still)A Podcast About Roleplaying Games

Whaddup cultists?! We are BACK after cult month and it sounds like the posse at Full Metal RPG has been up to…nothing? This is still a podcast about roleplaying games, so let’s talk about ’em!

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Episode 071 – Robin Liljenberg – Kult Divinity Lost System Designer

In this brand new ep, we interview Robin Liljenberg of Helmghast AB about his design work on Kult: Divinity Lost. It’s a great interview with lots of hard hitting insights into game design, especially insights into writing for PbtA! Check it!

Make sure you check out our Instagram for a chance to win a brand new copy of the Kult: Divinity Lost core book, shipped to you for free anywhere in the world by your pals at Full Metal RPG and Helmghast AB!

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Episode 070 – Petter Nallo – Kult Divinity Lost, Helmghast and Horror Roleplaying

This brand new episode of Full Metal RPG is dedicated fully to a one on one interview with Petter Nallo, one of the lead developers of Kult: Divinity Lost. This is a great interview cultists, don’t miss it!

Check out the Full Metal RPG Instagram for your chance to win a brand new, K:DL core book!

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