Yo son, do you like ROLEPLAYING GAMES, son?! Well guess what? We like roleplaying games too! If you’re into that sort of shit, check out our rad-ass podcast that we make about JUST THIS THING!

Full Metal RPG

Which is a podcast about roleplaying games of all kinds and the people that play them. Brendan and Ben host this fucking thing and often have on guests. Co-hosted by The Mysterious Jeff at the top of the month and The Warlord Amanda in the middle. Yea.

We try to have a subject to every episode, but good luck with that. Fun game: try and figure out in which episodes Brendan is drunk! Lol! Good times!

New Episodes on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

The Shadowsworn Radio Hour

This podcast is a Temple of Set dedicated to gaming  in the White Wolf IP’s of The World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. The ’90’s son! Get with it! Hosted by Brendan and Shadowsworn Adam.

New Episodes on the second Wednesday of every month. Don’t worry young playa, it’s on the same RSS feed as FMRPG! Subscribe to one, and get both!

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Full Metal RPG

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FMRPG/Shadowsworn Cast Members:

Brendan Carrion


Move along. Nothing to see here.

Full Metal Ben

Disappointing authority figures since 1985.

Shadowsworn Adam


Disgustingly fit. Shameful.

Warlord Amanda

You can’t handle the truth.

The Mysterious Jeff


*shadows swirl. Distant laughter*

Dustin the Paladin


His characters continue to be shat upon by the gods themselves.

Aleksandr Aeterum (Legion)


One time lead singer of the Phoenix based goth/industrial act Politik ’89. Writer of the Abyssal Planes theme we all love so much. Old man trapped in a young man’s body. Phylactery mayhaps? Let the inquest begin.

Heather the Girlfriend


Who invited THIS noob?