BONUS EPISODE 025 – Alex – Blackoath, Disciples of Bone & Shadow, Seekers Beyond the Shroud

On today’s episode, Brendan talks to Alex from Blackoath Entertainment!

We talk about his design inspirations, process, Disciples of Bone & Shadow and his brand new game, Seekers Beyond the Shroud coming soon from Exalted Funeral!

Follow the link below and don’t miss a thing:…lZcJ6FB2Fg0jngc

Check it out!

BONUS EPISODE 024 – Matt Orr – Wet Ink Games, Tenebria, Never Going Home

In this BONUS EPISODE the notorious RBK interviews Michael Orr of Wet Ink Games about their latest Kickstarter: Tenebria! Check out the interview now, and follow the link below to check out the KS! If you slept on Never Going Home, now is the time to make up for it.…y&term=tenebria

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Episode 078 – BC and RBK Hold Court, Ravenous Design Diary 2

Richard and Brendan hold court and talk about roleplaying games!

We talk about all sorts of stuff!

– Tiny Supers
– the Gauntlet: Codex 1
– Fear Itself
– The Tingleverse RPG
– The Carcass: Exodus
– Bloodwraith
– Ravenous Design Diary 2

No Adam this time, maybe next time!

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