Episode 061 – The Review Episode

It’s the REVIEW EPISODE! We’ve been slacking on our reviews so we’re catching up, and so we got 5 reviews for you (in this order!):

Low Fantasy Gaming by Stephen J. Grodzicki (review by Adam)

The Void – developed by Matt Grau (review by Brendan)

Alas For the Awful Sea by Hayley Gordon & Vee Hendro (review by Heather)

Tiny Wastelands by Alan Bahr (review by Adam)

Crimson Blades by Simon Washbourne (review by Brendan)

Check out these great games and give their creators some support!

BONUS EPISODE 022 – Mike Espinoza – Nahual

In this episode we are joined by Mike Espinoza, the writer of the Mexican Urban Horror Roleplaying game Nahual, based on the comics by Edward Clement. Nahual is the game of shamen making ends meet by butchering angels for the properties of their meat. Crazy killer concept. We talk game design, comics, and of course, roleplaying.

Check out this episode and the game on Kickstarter now!

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BONUS EPISODE 021 – Misha Bushyager – Orun, Lovecraftesque, Chill 3rd Edition

In this brand new BONUS EPISODE, we are talking to Misha Bushyager, one of three lead developers on Orun, the Afro-Futurist, sci-fi, space opera now available on Kickstarter! Take a listen to our talk here and get a sense of her work and what you can expect from Orun.

Orun sounds great and is available on Kickstarter now:

Find Misha at: