BONUS EPISODE 020 – Matt GIlbert – Vanguard, Kings of War, Mantic Games

Whaddup cultists?! This BONUS EPISODE we talk to Matt Gilbert from Mantic games about the immanent release of Vanguard the stand alone expansion to Kings of War.

At Full Metal RPG we are dedicated wargamers and we are STOKED for Vanguard. Listen in and let developer Matt get you stoked as well! Check it!

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BONUS EPISODE 019 – Brinton Williams – Ruin & Conquest

It’s a very special day at Full Metal RPG! Brinton Williams joins us from the ranks of indie game developers to tell us about his Kickstarter for Ruin & Conquest!

Ruin & Conquest is the campaign setting that he designed detailing the island of Ealand. We talk about the steeing’s founding ideas, system concepts, all the way down to hiring artists to illustrate the book’s interiors. Check it!

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059 – Frittering Away Our Pennies – The Void, D&D 5, Vampire the Requiem

We’re back!

In this episode we talk mostly about what we have been up to game wise. In doing so we cover:

– The Void + supplements
– Dungeons & Dragons – murder hobos
– Vampire the Requiem – What you should buy, world building

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BONUS EPISODE 018 – Drew Cochran – The Epic of Dreams: Unbound Fantasy Roleplay

Whaddup Cultists?! We’re coming in hot today with a BONUS EPISODE.

Today we’re talking with Drew Cochran, a young guy with big ideas. He’s at the tail end of his first Kickstarter and his game, The Epic of Dreams, sounds unlike anything else out there. Take a listen and see what you think about his takes!…%20Epic%20of%20

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058 – Making Your Character Stand Out, DCC, Lankhmar, Vampire the Requiem

In this episode of Full Metal RPG we got the whole gang back together again! We talk about some of the gaming that we have been doing, but we are still getting used to having three hosts again so perhaps we were not able to cover as much as we would like.

Heather talks about her Vampire the Requiem game and her process for developing it.

Adam talks about how to build the personality of a character for play very quickly when you sit down at a table to play.

And Brendan talks about his first experience with DCC, specifically Lankhmar.

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