FMRPG Raw Talk Ep. 1 Brendan and Gustavo

Join Gustavo and Brendan as they go behind the screens and talk like GMs do when it’s just GMs.

Two GM friends talk candidly about their GMing approaches. This episode is unfiltered, unedited and just two friends, one in America, one in Brazil, talking about the games they are running and their process. especially for horror games.

Join us!

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One thought on “FMRPG Raw Talk Ep. 1 Brendan and Gustavo”

  1. Hey guys, liked the podcast. I think I have the solution to Gustavo’s tarot game problem. It comes from an Italian rpg, an old and overbloated one that managed to use cards the right way, sine requie anno XIII.

    You can use both major and minor arcana. But let’s focus on the major.

    Now consider only the values from 1 to 20 for a second. Let’s say your system is roll under. The card system would work as a percentage roll under, with 1 being a critical and 20 a fumble.

    What about the fool (0) and the world (21)? Those are special:

    When you get the world you technically success in what you were planning, but the outcome is bad for you (for example, you hit the zombie hard, but it falls and pin either you or a party member to the ground)

    When you get the fool however, you action fails but something incredible and possibly better happens ( if you were trying to hit the zombie with an ax, the ax flies out of the PC hands but it managed to cut the rope of the old chandelier in the enemy). On top of that, getting the fool force you to reshuffle the discarded cards into the deck, giving some impredictability to your game (in fact you are almost as likely to have a deck full with just bad cards, and deck only full of good ones at the end of the game).

    The original game use minor arcana as the main resolution mechanics where only the critical success from the sword suit reshuffle the deck, but the concept is the same.

    Major arcana are used for pure narrative outcomes or to define the “distance from death” (DfD)

    Distance from death it’s an interesting concept cause it’s similar to the spiral of room in CoC and rises tension in time. Every player starts with a DfD of 10 and choose an arcana at character creation. Every time a hit would kill them, they draw DfD number of cards. If their Arcana is in the mix, they survive and reduce DfD by one. Otherwise they die

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