BONUS EPISODE – Sarah Doombringer – Bluebeard’s Bride, LotFP, Magpie Games, New Mexicon

In this BONUS EPISODE, Brendan and Adam team up to interview Sarah Doombringer, co-creator of Bluebeard’s Bride and creator of Velvet Glove! We talk to her about her work, women in gaming and her upcoming appearance at New Mexicon April 21st and 22nd in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Caveat Emptor: We had some problems with Sarah’s audio file, and so in post production I had to lay a filter over it to remove these very tinny, abrasive, bit-crushed noises out of it. Because of this, it sometimes sounds like Sarah is talking through water. We apologize for this, Sarah still brought her a-game to the interview and we think it’s a great listen.

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