Gen Con Blues

Everyone is at Gen Con checking out what’s the haps for the next year of gaming and I’m just sitting here looking at my Instagram feed like:

Have fun at Gen Con foolios. Have some great games and come back and tell us everything. Grab some of that LE swag for your homies at FMRPG, the DM says you’ll get extra XP for it.

2 thoughts on “Gen Con Blues”

  1. What kind of softball horseshit is this? You don’t reward players for good behavior, you punish them for bad behavior. And good behavior. And indifferent behavior. The important thing is that they fear you and your capricious nature.

    1. Is bribing the DM with DCC embroidered trucker caps good behavior? Or is it the apex of devilry?

      Perhaps we truly do live in a universe of constantly swirling relativities. Perhaps on man’s nihilistic pursuit of material goods can be seen through many lenses. Would I compromise the ethical framework of my game and the moral rightness of the experience charts in exchange for a nylon baseball cap?

      These are questions we all must ask ourselves.

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